My First Blog

Hi to all OLL classmates,

And hi to myself –  feels quite a novelty to have a diary or a log online.  Having studied and worked in IT before you would think I would’ve had a blog, wouldn’t you?  But just because I worked in IT doesn’t mean I had a lot to share online.  That’s what Facebook is for, right?  Too many Tag questions!  Actually when I worked in IT 15 years ago as a Systems Analyst (for and investment bank) did we have blogs?  There was certainly no Facebook.

This blog has been set up for the programme that I am studying now (14/1/2016): MSc TESOL and the course – Online Language Learning.  I am required to set up a blog and share my thoughts as well as set up a Second Life account (which I have done).  I’m looking forward to using all this ICT and learning how to educate students in English through technology.  Out with the tape recorder!  In with the iPads!  Free iPads for every student.

Although I consider myself to be very computer literate I did study 16 years ago and technology has moved on a hell of a lot since then.  Social media and the way we communicate using devices that are connected to the Internet 24/7 has changed the world.  I have to admit I do love communicating through social media and spend a great chunk of my life looking at what other people are doing.

It now falls to learn new ways of communicating and learning; it is a privilege to have the opportunity to study at the University of Edinburgh and although it has been tough the hard work has yielded some surprising but well-deserved grades.  This Masters and OLL is going to improve my life and the life of my children.  I already had a good job in ELT, but completion of this course will give me the means to keep on being successful in a career that I love.  I hope you can find as much enjoyment and fulfillment as I have had motivating and educating.

Now back to putting my children to bed and finishing this glass of wine.

More from me later…